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3 min readMar 6, 2023


MusicAI is an application of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques in the domain of music. It involves creating algorithms and models that can generate, analyze, and process music data, including composing new songs, creating harmonies and melodies, and improving the overall sound quality of the music.

loudbeats, the Blockchain-Based music platform, has unveiled its latest creation — an AI-powered music application named “BeatsAI®”. This cutting-edge technology is set to revolutionize the way musicians and producers create music by offering a wide range of benefits. For example, it can use BeatsAI® to generate new music compositions automatically, which can save time and effort for musicians and producers. This can be especially useful for creating background music for videos, commercials, and other media projects. loudbeats can also use BeatsAI® to analyze music data and provide insights on how to improve the sound quality of a particular track or song.

BeatsAI® automatic music composition generation feature is a major advantage that sets it apart from other music applications. With this advanced technology, musicians and producers can specify their exact requirements, such as the style, tempo, and key of the desired composition, and the AI-powered system can create a unique piece that meets their specific needs. This can save significant time and effort, while also providing a source of inspiration for music creation. By using BeatsAI®, musicians, and producers can unleash their creativity and explore new possibilities in music production.

Moreover, with BeatsAI® Technology, loudbeats can allow users to input their lyrics and generate a complete song with a new tune automatically. This can enable users who don’t have musical skills to create music and express themselves creatively. loudbeats can also leverage BeatsAI® to create custom soundtracks based on a user’s preferences and style, making it easier for creators to find the right music for their projects.

In addition to composition generation, loudbeats can use BeatsAI® to analyze music data and provide insights on how to improve the sound quality of a particular track or song. This can be especially helpful for musicians who are looking to refine their sound and create a more polished finished product. By analyzing and identifying areas that need improvement, BeatsAI® can provide targeted suggestions on how to enhance the overall sound quality.

Furthermore, by linking the songs to a new formal contract and converting them into musical NFTs, loudbeats can ensure that the original creator of the music retains ownership and control of their work. This can help prevent copyright infringement and ensure that musicians receive fair compensation for their creations.

In summary, by incorporating BeatsAI® into its platform, loudbeats can offer several benefits to its users, including automatic music composition, sound quality improvement, and personalized music creation. By linking the music to blockchain and converting it into NFTs, loudbeats can ensure that the creators retain ownership and control of their work and prevent copyright infringement.




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